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Expanding the business

In 1983, Racquet Master expanded and moved, first across the street to a small spot at 319 S. Gilbert St.


It added a ski shop in the Sycamore Mall. In 1987, Racquet Master moved to 321 S. Gilbert St., a space big enough to fit racquets, skis, and bikes.


In addition, a second location of Racquet Master Bike and Ski thrived for 6 years in Cedar Rapids.

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Find out about our history

Started in 1981, by Craig and Linda Carney, Racquet Master is the only store in Iowa dedicated to racquet sports. Building off a stringing business Craig started during college, the pro shop opened at the corner of Gilbert and Burlington streets and carried a small inventory of tennis racquets, clothing, and shoes.

Rely on our expert stringing staff with over 40 years of experience when you need to have your favorite racquet restrung.

Returning to our roots

You can always count on our professionals for a high-quality string job that is guaranteed.

After 25 years, the Racquet Master went back to its roots in 2006, and at 620 S. Dubuque St., the cozy shop was once again dedicated to tennis.


As of May 31, 2016, we have relocated to 702 S. Gilbert St. (Kennedy Plaza), where we are ready to continue our story.


Racquet Master is Iowa City's only tennis pro shop. We have the best experience, service, and selection in the area.

Our timeline of events

1981: Racquet Master opens at the corner of Gilbert and Burlington streets.


1983: Racquet Master moved across the street to 319 S. Gilbert St.


1987: To accommodate more inventory, Racquet Master moves 2 doors down to 321 S. Gilbert St.


2006: The Racquet Master refocuses on tennis and says goodbye to 321 S. Gilbert St, and moves to 620 S. Dubuque St.


2016: The Racquet Master is now located at 702 S. Gilbert St. (Kennedy Plaza).

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