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Racquet Master_Linda Carney_ Johnson_ Linn_ Iowa Linda and her friends Raise a Racket For the River tennis tournament

Playing in the USTA

Linda learned the sport at 20 and was soon active in clinics, drills, and tournaments. Along the way, she has enjoyed success individually and as a member of the 4.0 and 4.5 SWAT team, which competes against other USTA teams.


However, Linda cherishes most of the friendships she has fostered over the years. “The tennis friendships are just strong, great friendships,” she said.

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Get to know Linda Carey

Clocking 40 hours a week at work, Linda Carney takes any chance she gets to play tennis.


“It’s just a fun way to work out and have a great, competitive time,” Linda said. “The time just goes so quickly when you’re having fun with your friends.”

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A fun and healthy activity

Linda and the rest of the USTA team enjoy practicing, watching Iowa tennis, celebrating birthdays, and traveling to meets together. “With many other Iowa City USTA teams to practice with, it seems there is always someone to play,” she said.


“We’re all friends, and we love the healthy competition,” she said. “It’s fun to play against each other and we all cheer on our Iowa City friends when they’re going to meets.”

Active both on and off the court

Linda feels she has gained a lot from tennis, and she feels it's important to contribute her time to serve the tennis community. As a volunteer, she has served as treasurer of the Iowa District Tennis Association.


For the Racquet Master, Linda has devoted much of her time to buying of apparel, promotion, and marketing. She also enjoys organizing custom uniform orders for USTA teams.


In 2007, Linda was rewarded for her all-round stellar performance with the USTA Missouri Valley Iowa Adult Player of the Year Award.


Linda remains modest about success, insisting that what she is most proud of are the friends and the good times tennis and the Racquet Master has brought her.


“Over the years, we’ve had so many different people that have met us who, when they’re back in town, still come back to the Racquet Master to say hi,” she said. “Even though it’s moved, they always seem to find us and are always happy that Craig’s still behind the stringing machine.