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Amazing racquet selection

We have the largest selection of racquets in Iowa at our local, family owned and operated business. Our inventory features racquets and accessories for:

Visit Us Today. Find the Right Racquet With the Help of a Fellow Player Who Knows the Business and Equipment.


Find the perfect racquet

When you need a new racquet, depend on the over 40 years of experience we have at Racquet Master. Whether you are a beginner or a tournament player, Craig will help you find a racquet in your price range that fits your level and style of play.

Do you already have a racquet that you love? Let us restring it for you. You can count on us to get it done when you need it.

Try it before you buy it

At Racquet Master, we believe that no one should ever buy a racquet without first trying several models to determine which racquet is best for their level and style of play.


We have demo racquets in all the models we sell so that our customers can take racquets home and try them before they decide which is best for them.

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  • Badminton

  • Table tennis

  • Racquetball

  • Squash

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