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Highly experienced

With more than 40 years of racquet stringing experience, Craig strings all the racquets for the University of Iowa Men’s and Women’s Tennis teams. He has been the official local stringer for the Men’s and Women’s Big Ten Tennis Tournament.


If your racquet needs restringing or a new grip, feel assured that at Racquet Master you will get the best professional job at the same or a lower price than what inexperienced and incompetent stringers charge.

When You Need Your Racquet Restrung, Visit Our Store. You Can Count on Us to Guarantee the Quality of the String Job.


Professional racquet stringing

When it's time to restring your favorite racquet, come and see the professionals at Racquet Master. All racquets are strung by United States Racquet Stringers Association-certified stringer Craig Carney.

You'll love our excellent customer service because you can always trust our expert stringing staff to get your racquet done when you need it.

Tips from the pros

You can depend on us to get to know you to match your racquet to your training ability and style.

1. For best results, restring a racquet as many times a year as you play a week (with a minimum 2 times per year).


2. Allow our staff to help you select the perfect string. Different types of strings can increase your power, control, and performance.


3. Have your grip checked each time your racquet is serviced. Replace it when it is too worn out to play with maximum comfort, control, and feel.

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